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  • Is dental bleaching is applicable to any tooth?
    Yes, it can be applied to any tooth.
    However, the effect can vary depending on the tooth conditions.
    The cause of teeth color change is both external and internal.
    Dental bleaching is very effective for external causes.
    It can be effective for internal causes, but it will not be effective as you may expect.
  • There is space between front teeth. Is there any way to treat it fast?
    Spaced teeth can be solved with corrective treatment but take long time.
    However, fast treatment is possible by using resin or laminate to fill the space
  • Don't the teeth turn blackish after the treatment?
    There was a problem in the past that gums turned blackish after treatment because metal contained materials were used. However, pure ceramic is only used to make natural teeth.
  • Are teeth weakened by Esthetics Treatment?
    The angle and length of the teeth is adjusted in this treatment not to harm teeth health.
  • How long does Aesthetics Treatment take?
    The biggest strength of aesthetics Treatment is that treatment period is very short. It takes around 1~10 days after diagnosis is done. It takes 2 visit to fishish the treatment.
  • Am I illegible for implant surgery?
    Anyone who lost his/her teeth or anyone who are not satisfied with his/her dentures can have implant treatment. Some dental structures need proper actions prior to implant treatment.

    Once you have implant treatment completed, you will feel confidence and comfort when you are talking, having foods, or smiling.
  • Is implant surgery painful?
    There are personal differences in neural distribution and pain perception, but many people feel teeth extraction before implantation more painful than implant surgery. The clinical experience and skills of the doctors in charge is the most important factor for positive post-op prognosis.

    Luckly, in our clinic implatation can be done under medical sedation so the pateint won't remember anything what happened during the surgery.
  • What is the lifetime of an implant?
    It is different depending on patients’ conditions, but the lifetime of implant is longer than crowns or bridges. However, lifetime can be reduced by unclean oral condition and gum inflammation from excessive smoking and drinking.
  • Does smoking badly influence on implant?
    Smoking can have bad influence on artificial teeth treatment.
    However not all the smokers fail in artificial teeth treatment.
    Please have professional consultation with dentists about how can your smoking habit affect you.
  • What is the success rate of implant surgery?
    Implant is generalized and safe surgery performed worldwide, which shows over 95% of success rate.
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