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Halal Korea

Halal Korea is the first intergrated application for Muslims
living or travelling in Korea
providing useful information for their convenience.


Provides comprehensive information needed for Muslims such as Mosque, Prayer spots, Islamic Hijiri calendar, full audio Quran and Prayer times.


Indecates the direction of Mecca when Muslims pray.


Provides information on Korea needed for travel.
Provides Muslim tourists with recommended courses made exclusively by HalalKorea


The restaurant menu provides information on restaurant for Muslim in Korea. ‘Useful Korean Expression’ and ‘Korean Foods Recipe’ will also be provided for a more enjoyable stay in Korea.


Users can directly configure which ingredients they accept through scan.


Users can search for carious prayer spots, shopping centers, Halal restaurants, markets and medical centers based on their location.


Users can freely exchange information and contents on Halal information, travel tips through Community. Also various Korean culture contents can be adccessed.


This menu connects Korean companies with Muslim consumers. Companies can promote their Halal products, and Muslim users can look for Halal products in Korea at the tip of their fingertips.

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